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We have added camps as a way to experience your horse in a supportive group setting of like-minded horse people. 
This collaboration has proved to be very positive for all involved and can be completely customized for your needs.
For details contact
Cindy at

                            CAMP DATES 2022
  APRIL 18-22  Filled
  SEPTEMBER 12-16 Contact me for Openings
  NOVEMBER 7-11 Filled
                           CAMP DATES 2023
  MARCH 20-25  Filled


"Cindy …. you provide a safe and nurturing environment for it all to blossom. you are THE BEST!!!"

"It was a wonderful experience for me and my boys. The lack of ego and judgment is a new experience for sure. Being able to just be myself and feel supported...awesome!"

"It was a real confidence builder for me with my horses, trusting Atty more, seeing that he can change his thought much better and regulate emotions. I realized, too, how far I'd come in my relationship and responsiveness with Shone since our last camp"


                            UP-COMING CLINICS

~Balance Through Movement Method
~EQUILibrium Equine Services, LLC.


March 2023
Holly Richter's  6-10th Horsemanship Clinic
High Desert Stables  13-17th Horsemanship Clinic
contact me for information at:


Libby is doing virtual lessons and Zoom meetings. Both are educational and most of all FUN!!!



High Desert Stables offers two care options  for your horse:

~Most owners choose the 24/7 turnout option. The turn outs have trees and shades to provide protection from the elements. Horses are kept in small compatible groups. Bermuda hay is fed twice daily and can be supplemented with alfalfa hay. Supplements and/or grain, provided by the owner, can also be fed. 

$450 per month

~There is also the option of day time turn out and nights spent at the barn in a 24x24' run-in. This works well for seniors or recovering horses on special diets. It includes bermuda  hay fed 2x's daily, and supplemental alfalfa, daily stall cleaning with  bedding as needed. Supplements and/or grain, provided by the owner, can also be fed.

$550 per month

~Retirement care is available under private treaty.

~Short term board may be available. Please contact me.


Also included for the owner's convenience:

~ A tack shed with large individual lockers to store your belongings. There is a bathroom with a flush toilet  and a large utility sink.

A comfortable porch offers a place to sit and visit in the shade.

~Our veterinarian is Lance Parker DVM

~Vanessa Helvey is an Equine Osteopath (EDO) Graduate of the Vluggen Institute, Certified and Registered with the IREO and a Masterson Method practitioner and instructor who beautifully rounds out our holistic health care team.

~Our barefoot trimmers are Jolean Hoffman and Michael Pilz.

~Deworming is done as needed by fecal samples or the vet's recommendation and is an added charge.

~Fly parasites are used from April through October to help reduce that problem!

Diane Horse Camp Vanessa Visit  20 Jan 2021 008.JPG
10 April 2020 Youth Group 042.JPG
Camp April 2022 Diane, Jenni, me, Sue.jpg
Katherine Clinic Sept 2022 XIII.jpg
Katherine Clinic Sept 2022 XII.jpg

"I enjoyed participating it in a clinic at Cindy’s High Desert Stables indeed!
Cindy was very friendly and easy to be with.
There after I realized Cindy is totally committed to having a grand relationship with all of her horses.
I enjoyed being there very much and wish Cindy was my neighbor.
I have been an equestrian and horse lover for over 65 years."

~Cheryl Britton

    Happy Campers 
        April 2022

Thoughtful Camper 

Relationship To The Contact
   with Katherine Lowery
              Sept 2022

Strolling the Property on a
     Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Gathering
               May 2021

July 25 Walkies 50 Mile Party 013.JPG

"I started taking lessons at High Desert Stable 19 years ago,and am boarding my second horse there.

Cosmo is 25 and  is thriving.His diet is customized to meet his needs,and he is content with his turn

out buddies.

There are numerous places to ride,and a wonderful group of boarders to interact with .

I am getting lessons on communicating with  Cosmo with goal of him being relaxed and happy to

comply with my directions.The principles are very basic,and the results are  positive.

Cindy continues to make High Desert Stable a place to relax and enjoy horses."

 ~Joann Thoming  age 71 retired Social Worker

           JUNE 2020

"I have had 2 wonderful experiences with Cindy Normandeau and High Desert Stables.  During my first experience I sent a mare to Cindy to breed to her Welsh Cob stallion.  Cindy took excellent care of  my mare, arranged the vet visits and sent my mare back after a couple of months pregnant.  It was easy and my mare was well taken care of when I picked her up to bring home.  I had a beautiful colt from this mare and when he was old enough I sent him to Alison Hardas , trainer , at High Desert Stables to be started under saddle.  He was already trained to drive but Alison was the first to ride him.  When I picked him up one month later he was in wonderful condition and ready to ride.  Cindy looked after him and made sure all his needs were cared for.  I have been very pleased with High Desert Stables and highly recommend them."

~Julie Cole Mitchell    Horse Trainer and Riding/Driving Instructor 

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