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                      HIGH DESERT STABLES
                          Palominas, AZ
         a family owned  & operated business since
                             January 2000


Truman, Rocky and Peanut   Pony Bros  High Desert Stables

Mae and Wren reunited Harry Nov 2020.jpg

Built on 40 acres of grassland in the San Pedro River Valley, it is a beautiful and unique setting. The elevation is 4500' which allows a more temperate climate than many Arizona locations. Three mountain ranges; The San Joses to the south in Mexico, The Mule Mountains to the east and The Huachucas to the west create a magnificent back drop. In the valley are the giant cotton wood trees that grow along the San Pedro River.

High Desert Stables has had several identities through the years but one thing has remained constant... the horses have always been allowed to be horses; with plenty of turnout and companionship with other horses. The atmosphere has always been low-key and relaxed, with a holistic approach to their care and management.

The facility includes a large riding arena which in recent years has been allowed to go to bermuda grass. The footing works well, it is not dusty in the dry season and drains well in the rainy season. A  60' round pen is situated off the arena with a gate into the arena which allows for creative gate work. There are mowed paths for riding on the property, and a "track" large enough to canter. There are also jumps and obstacles available. 10 acres of the NW corner of the property has been developed with trails that traverse a wash system and wanders through an old dirt tank. There are many trail rides to explore on dirt roads and through the grassland.


Wren and Mae Welsh Cob half siblings

"As someone who has taken advantage of almost every service offered by Cindy Normandeau (High Desert Stables) – lessons at the stable and my home, multiple clinics, short-term boarding to include training, and introducing young family members to riding – I can attest High Desert Stables is special!  Along with her strong knowledge, caring attitude about person and horse, and constant desire to learn as well as teach, Cindy’s enthusiasm keeps me motivated to be better and do better by my horse."


~Karen Nicodemus, Horse Lover and Retired Community College President 

"We have been taking our boys to Cindy and High Desert Stables for several years and couldn't be happier with the experiences they have been afforded.  The learning progression, the clinics, building relationships with the horses, the communication with Cindy and our overall experience has been amazing.  Our boys have learned how to handle horses, but they have also learned how to be better human beings.  I can't recommend Cindy and High Desert Stables enough!"

~Heather Schobert-Nichols, DVM and

Brandon Nichols, RD, CSSD

"I first boarded at High Desert in 2001, shortly after they opened, and have been able to see and share in how the barn has evolved and grown through the years, and decades! Along the way I've taken lessons, and participated in a wide variety of clinics, holiday celebrations, weddings, trail rides, potlucks and costume parties there-learning and laughing, with great folks. A few years ago I also fell in love with the Welsh Cobs that were born and bred there, and now own two wonderful Cob mares. Cindy is a knowledgeable and caring horseperson, an incredible friend, and has so much to offer both the horses and people at her barn! "


~Holly Richter, Hydrologist 

Wren and Mae High Desert Stables


       Cindy & Georgette

"Though it is off the beaten track, the upside is there is many miles of safe dirt roads and trails to ride on. The owner Cindy is a lovely person, and very attentive to the welfare of not just the horses, but all the animals on the premises. She is knowledgeable and available and rarely far from the barns or paddocks."

~George and Cristina Lichiti

Roo eye April 2017.jpg

               SALOME, AZ

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